• The reason for MENDIARAIZ is to give a response to the productive needs of the market of capital goods both in local area, Iberian and internationally, with special view to Western European environment, through comprehensive technical processes for all the industrial range from metallic elements to complete machines.
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    Area of 5.000 m2 in Zumaia-Guipuzcoa

    Our facilities cover an area of 5.000 m2, divided into three willing warehouses and located in Zumaia (Gipuzkoa).

    Several lightweight formats

    We have the capabilities and skills of different metal materials process in its several lightweight formats, with special care to stainless steel and other special steels (e.g. S420).

    We invest in stock materials, mainly flat sheet formats, stacked in 100 meters long room and 8 meters high, with availability in quality and thickness in order to minimize response times.
  • The offer of industrial subcontracting of MENDIARAIZ comprises a wide range of metal-based items, starting with the processing of simple or complex parts, and ending in the mechanical integration of complete machinery, through the various stages of assembly by forming structural assemblies ( frames and bodies ) and/or assembly of technical systems (e.g. conveyors).

  • We enjoy the privilege to settle on a socio-economic enviroment characterized by a proactive industrial culture and geography, support of competitive supply chains

    High capacity communication roads
    High capacity communication roads