Project – Present and Future


    MENDIARAIZ activity is displayed in design, manufacturing, sales and delivery of parts, assemblies, technical systems and complete machines from metal shapes, mainly stainless steel, lightweight and precision forming requirements for the diferent sectors in the capital goods production area, mainly in the food market, automotive, railway, access control, electrical and electronic…


    Our organization sees the  market success sustaining its efforts on four points:

    The quality assurance of production and consequently to provide high reliability products.

    Minimizing response times to the orders and thus providing high availability of our services.

    The involvement in the management of outsourcing in the value chain of our target markets, responsible for the coordination and effective and eficient completion of outsourcing complementary operations.

    Support  in the creative process of our customers with a provision for concurrent engineering department for the technical specification of the products and their process parameters.


    We want to print a dynamic evolutionary oriented company in three directions:

    1.- Assuming greater commitment to our customers in response to peak levels of expectation of the target markets.

    2.- Providing better capabilities and skills to our work and our processes for the purpose of setting guidelines for requirement of target sectors.

    3.- Integrating more value to our produtcs and deliverables, relieving the needs of scattering intensity and resourcing of customers in their activities.