• 1952: Alberto MENDIzábal, Santiago ARano and José Manuel AIZpurua founded MENDIARAIZ as an auxiliary cmpany for the marine industry.
  • 1970 Incorporation of Luís Arano (2nd generation) and evolution to light or precision boliermaker with clients such as CAF, ALSTHOM, ABB, etc.
  • 1989 Incorporation of laser cutting technology and expertise in stainless materials. Pioneer in Spain in the use of this technology.
  • 1990-1995 Incorporation of new machinery: laser special measures, combined punching, folding machines, etc…
  • 1998-2001 New activity of machinery assembly of metal sheet parts for ULMA PACKAGING and other customers. Specialization in food machinery manufactorers.
  • 2003 GENERA, NAVARRA BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, takes control of the company, promoting the growth of the company and the opening of new markets.
  • 2006 starts export to the French market of metal sheet parts and installation of equipment: MECAPLASTIC, in food machinery sector.
  • 2006 Start working in the field of access control in customers as INDRA and TELVENT.
  • 2007 Incorporation of laser welding , welding robots and folding machines. The company reached the top turnover with 7,5 million euros.